Month: September 2015

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Dick Cheney is a Human Being

This is Dick Cheney on 9/11/2001.  When I look into his eyes, I see fear, confusion, and the weight of overwhelming responsibility.  It’s easy to say, “He is a human who suffers just like I suffer,” but it’s also easy to forget. This photo is my reminder:  Dick Cheney is a human being.  He suffers …


How I Get Rid of Clutter

I’ve been decluttering my home again.  I’ve been doing this a long while and I’ve gotten better at it, so I thought I’d share my strategies.  I use a kind of amalgamation of decluttering methods, so some of this may be familiar.  And be warned:  I’m about to be thorough. Firstly, I’m a true believer.  I’ve …