A failed blogger

A long time ago, we started a blog.  We called it Scattered Themes.  In fact, it’s the blog that you are reading right now.  We were really cooking.  We were writing about all sorts of stuff and dreaming big about all the other sorts of stuff that we would write.  Then, we stopped writing.


I have a convenient answer, but it’s not the truth:  We had another kid!  His name is Remy and he is awesome.  He learned how to clap today, and he is totally pumped about it.  If you have never seen a human learning how to clap, you should.  It’s really something.

The thing is, Remy was born in May 2017, and my last post was in January 2017.  And that wasn’t even something I wrote for the blog.  It was something that I wrote for a class I was teaching and then shared to the blog.  But when you have a kid, you can always use your kid as an excuse.  Sometimes, you don’t even have to say it, other people will start saying it for you.  It’s really the only convenient thing about having a kid.

I think what really happened was what always happened.  I was excited about my new project, and then I got distracted and I lost steam.  I prioritized other things:  my family, my job, my house, Facebook, reading every single news story about the 2016 election and now about all of President Trump’s incompetence.  (I would hate to see the look on my January 2016 self’s face when he read the phrase “President Trump.”)

I didn’t prioritize blogging.  I don’t feel bad about this.  I love my family.  My job is very important to me.  My house has stuff that needs doing.  I do feel kinda bad about all the Facebooking and news junkying.

But the time for not feeling bad about not blogging is over.  The time for feeling good about blogging has begun once again!

I hereby declare my intention to start blogging regularly again (for the first time, really).

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