I find that, when filling out a form, heading words like “About” have little meaning or significance.  By that I mean that they do little to guide the writer/filler-outer in what to say.  That’s maybe why so many people fill the field with some sort of marketing strategy-based statement, because marketing advice is both readily available and gives fairly definitive guidance about what’s expected.  It might be better instead to ask:  Why are you here?  What is your purpose, your hope for this site?  It’s better to cut to the heart of the matter.

Engagement and purpose are the qualities that define meaningful work.  I think that we started this blog hoping to find more engagement, so in order to do good work here, we need to develop a clear sense of purpose. But, paradoxically, it seems that our purpose is engagement itself.  This is a dilemma we will need to solve.  We need to get clear, and fast, on what our purpose is here if we want to write anything worth taking the time to write.  I’ll take a shot at it below, with the understanding that it will likely need to undergo significant revision in order to stay true.

  1. To come to know ourselves more deeply through having worked through our thoughts in writing.  I know that I understand what I think best once I am put in the position of actually explaining it.
  2. To engage more openly with the world via my heart, rather than via my mind.  I have a tendency to intellectualize almost everything I want to grapple with.  Sometimes I find that when I approach an issue, I have to start safely with my intellect and words in order that I might open my heart to feeling it more deeply.
  3. To connect and share with others.
  4. To take on the awe-some responsibility of trying to understand and communicate truth as I understand it.  The art of writing pushes the writer to commune with it more deeply in order that they might fulfill their responsibility to their reader and the truth.


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